Monday, 9 November 2015

Smart jewellery, wearable tech and Henry Holland

When is wearable tech really cool?
The answer; when it’s a Henry Holland fashion statement.
It all started with a teaser from Henry Holland of House of Holland ‘to create a consumer experience as part of a catwalk presentation showcase’. See Henry Hollands YouTube teaser
When you take your debit card and just wave it at a screen in order to purchase something, you are already doing something pretty smart.

But imagine if you could make a purchase simply with the wave of your hand using a pendant, a ring, a bracelet or just a cuff on your jacket then you can immediately satisfy even the most hardened of shoppers desires.
See now, buy now. Contactless payments.
It’s called NFC or near field communication. In simple terms you bring your special piece of jewellery towards what you want to purchase and hey presto you’ve bought it. London fashion week SS16 was buzzing with wearable purchasing technology in various forms.
It was demonstrated most beautifully by Henry Holland using wearable tech rings that allowed a purchase, in this case, by Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe, of items being worn by models on the catwalk.
We’ve been involved with a photographic project with the company that made the special designer rings for the catwalk show…..more on that later. The jewellery for the catwalk was colourful and oversized in order to be seen. Henry Holland calls his wearable designs ‘connected jewellery’.
Originally devised as a project by Visa Europe Collab, this was to test the feasibility for consumers and it went down a storm.
You won’t be able to buy the miniaturised version in the shops just yet, but you can be sure it’s on its way.

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