Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What is Google Hotel Finder?

Google Hotel Finder allows your prospective guests to view hotels on line (it does what it says on the can). However the things I particularly like about it are
  • The map – I click on a hotel in a list and it shows me exactly it’s location.
Google Hotel Finder

  • I can expand or contract my search geographically by time on foot, by car or train.
  • I can use filters, for instance on price, class, amenities, rating
  • I can choose dates for the stay.
  • I can compare prices and also compare prices for different dates.
  • I can book on line through the usual suspects (in the UK Expedia etc) through links on the page.
  • Everything I need is there consolidated on one page in an instant.
  • It works on mobile and tablet.
To me what’s most powerful about this, is the use of the map plus the way the hotels are consolidated onto one page and that’s what gives a good user experience.
The Google branding is less intrusive than some online travel agents and this means as a hotelier you can have a better and a more direct branding engagement with your customer up to the point of booking.
Once you are on Hotel Finder, how do you get up the rankings? Well it’s not exactly clear. It never is! We’ve done some ‘random’ but systematic research and certainly Ads play a part (obviously!), having a verified Google Plus page for the hotel plays a part, having photos and Google tours and activity such as reviews also plays a part. In the UK, links with online travel agents and distributors who can share your room and pricing data in an instant also helps (and since you might be doing this already all you need to do is harness the power of Google Hotel Finder).
Hotel Finder is another way of getting your hotel to market, and it is free from Google. The potential reach around the globe for hoteliers is enormous, don’t miss out.

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