Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mobile branding and Google's new look

Well I’ve read the blurb and read the comments and feedback, and it’s clear people are divided over Google’s new font. Maybe it’s a ‘marmite’ design or maybe it’s just change. It’s rolled out now and you can read about it here. The Google Blog

It’s interesting that in the blog, Google talk about delivering Google products on all platforms from desktop PC, to TV, to Mobile….to whatever. So it’s likely that Google were going to select a font that worked on all platforms (or as many as foreseeably possible) without any glitches or transformations between them. Basically it’s scalable and easy to read.
There is an animated logo, with four coloured spots – I’ve seen it in the blog, but have yet to experience it myself. Some people actually think mobile logos are the way to go in mobile branding, rather than static paper based branding. However personally I’m not sure how long that interest will last. Eye catching yes…..but…..proceed with caution, if you are considering doing this out there.
The microphone (that you see above) and the single capital ‘G’ are now multicoloured to match the four Google colours.
At the end of the day whatever you may think of it, it’s a strong brand image, clear and friendly.

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