Sunday, 14 June 2015

Google See Inside

Continuing then from previous posts:
Here’s a typical screen shot of a Google knowledge card, which is presented (using data on your business page) to potential customers.
Cedar Gallery Knowledge Card
Google likes to present businesses that are ‘live’ and ‘active’. So the more you do on your business page the better your web presence gets.
Take Google Virtual Tours for instance (aka See Inside). These are just perfect if you want to show the world your facilities, your shop, your restaurant, the list goes on and on. It goes up on Google automatically without any need for you to have any technical knowledge or even contact your web people.

You can move from place to place, or just turn on the spot. You can zoom in and zoom out. Give it a go in the image above or with this link for the Cedar Gallery in Windermere
So if you have one on your Google Business Account (it appears as See Inside) then customers can go straight to your business interior. There is a significant advantage to this.
Feedback on those we ourselves have created for businesses and organisations so far is positive, with one shop owner relaying to us that she has had calls on the phone for particular items seen in the tour and thus has been selling things over the telephone. Customers have not even had to visit in person.
An alternative method to see your tour is to leap from Street View into your tour by following the arrows on Street View. In other words it means that a customer can move along Street View and the click on a business and suddenly they are transported to your business.
An alternative method to share your Google Tour is to integrate it into your Facebook page – stick with us to find out more. (We can do that for you anyway).
Alternatively it can go on your website, which we can also do for you.
A picture paints a thousand words, a virtual tour is even better in this respect.
Next more on how to get the most from your Google Business Page

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