Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Before and after a Google Virtual Tour on the web

Now I’m going to show you the search results BEFORE and AFTER a Google Virtual Tour and Photos are added. This is for a business called Number Fifteen. Number Fifteen is a delightful arts, crafts and gift shop in Cockermouth.
On the left hand side (below), is how Number Fifteen USED TO APPEAR on an iPad when searching for the shop.
On the right hand side – this is how it NOW appears after we have completed a Google Tour and included our professional photos.

You can see that there is a tremendous improvement in the business presence and presentation.  Which one do you think your customers would prefer, I know which one I prefer!
In addition to the map, you can see See Inside (the Google Tour), you can go to Street View and you can take a look at the Photos that we produced.
Try Googling ‘Number Fifteen Cockermouth’ now and see what you see.
It will look slightly different on mobile and pc, but the key elements will all be there.
This is one of my favourite tours. You can see it here, why not take a virtual tour?

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