Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Your Google Business Knowledge Card

First, a quick recap on our previous posts:
1 When someone searches on Google, Google searches it’s own index compiled from your data from your Google Business page and all the other information culled from the web to provide relevant results ideally in less than a second.
2 This means you need to keep your Google Plus page updated with your most recent data and any changes as soon as possible.
You do this by first verifying your business and then updating your data on your Google Business Page (Free).
Now, new stuff:
Your data appears on a ‘Knowledge Card’ to the right hand side (different devices mobiles/tablet/pc are slightly different in appearance but the principle is the same)

A Google Knowledge Card to the right hand side.

Not that many people realise what this is. Basically the Knowledge Card is presenting to your potential customers data about you. This data whether it be location, opening times, photos, 360 virtual tours, reviews or posts, can mean the difference between someone visiting you or not.
And get this; the knowledge card is driven from your Google Business Page.
Now I am hoping that the ‘penny has dropped’. In other words the knowledge card is driven by the data you provide Google on your Google business page.
In other words – if there’s nothing on it or it’s incorrect – your customers will see next to nothing or incorrect data. Which one of those is worse do you think?
If you have not realised this until now, then hopefully I’ve just blown your mind, as I said I would at the start of this series. 
So next up, once you have your Google Business Page – how to enhance your page and presence using photos and See Inside (Google 360 virtual tours aka panoramas)…try to get the most out of this, it is an opportunity.

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