Sunday, 21 June 2015

Other Virtual Tours

There are other virtual tours, that can feature separately or alongside Google Tours. Of course you lose the enhanced web presence that you would get with a Google Tour if you do this, but sometimes people want a different kind of tour.
So here is an example of a non Google tour that we did a little while ago now. The tour incorporates an on screen map. You can click on the map to move from room to room, or click on the points in the image. Scroll around, zoom and have a go. 

Click HERE to open the tour.

This tour is very effective since it has lots of colour and interesting things going on. The gym had just been renovated and repainted and of course that is the perfect time to do a tour.
Again a tour is really important for anyone who wants to show off ambience, decor or facilities.
The link is also found on the Allerdale Borough Council sports and recreation page. Click Here
The reach of these tours can go a long long way…..
Now back to Google Tours.

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