Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Your Business on Google and Google Plus

Continuing from our earlier blog on Google Search, we’re going to look at what is a Google+ business page?
Not everyone realises that your Google+ business page IS your business identity across the whole of Google.

Well, what does this really mean?
* If you haven’t already checked it out, a Google+ page may already exist for your business without you even knowing (Google is trying to be helpful)
* Your Google+ business page works with Google Search.
* What you have on that page helps to increase your presence in any ‘Google Searches’ for your business, appearing in lists of searches, and being effectively a backlink to your web site (if you have one).
* You can and should control what is on your Google+ page to get the results you want.
* You don’t need to have a web site in order to have a Google+ business page (it exists completely independently)
* A Google+ business page has nothing to do with your web site (so be absolutely clear that managing a Google+ business page is not about web design, it is about how you profile your business).
* A Google+ business page is free advertising for you
* A Google+ business page should be viewed as a free business tool, effectively it is a super-duper gazeteer entry which can be searched and indexed by Google and then presented to the world.
Google includes your Google+ business page data when undertaking searches so it really is important that to use this real estate wisely.
If this doesn’t convince you to take action then read the next blog – what do you miss if you don’t and what can happen?


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