Saturday, 6 June 2015

Even more reasons to take control of your Google+ Business Page

As we have already said in the previous post, Google includes your Google+ business page data when undertaking searches so it really is important to use this real estate wisely.

If you have not claimed your business - who will? This is what the world sees.

We’ve seen unclaimed Google+ business pages with tens of thousands of visitors – with no pictures, no opening times, no profile of what that business does, no web site listed and sometimes an incorrect address or pin in the wrong location on Google Maps because the business has moved premises and these details have not been updated. These businesses will have the on screen message shown in the picture above.
Even some claimed Google + business pages are not being managed effectively as they could be and we will talk about that later.
With 10’s of thousands of potential visitors each year to your page, isn’t it worth taking advantage of it and using it effectively? Not least to help with Google Search.
Worse still, when a page has not been claimed by the rightful owner we’ve seen sabotage on Google+ business pages. Sabotage mainly consists of someone saying that a particular business is closed or does not exist. That’s certainly not good news for the real owner. 
So if you haven’t done so already, let’s find out how to ‘own your business identity’ on Google in our next few blogs.

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