Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What makes a good Whisky? Is it prancing about in a kilt?

Ask one hundred people and you will get one hundred answers. It has been said that there are at least 500 brands of whisky in the world – so there seems plenty to have a go at.
There’s certainly plenty here at this local specialist, T B Watson in Dumfries. Click and drag on the image below.

We’ve tried the elusive Glenmorangie Cellar 13, now going up and up in price. And by experts I am told this is (or was) one of the best, being influenced by it’s being aged in barrels close to the sea shore. So the ‘terroir’ and casking is a major part of the magic.
Theories and myths abound, particularly The Angel’s Share, which is the small proportion of the whisky which is lost through evaporation from the barrels. A film was made with this title, and directed by Ken Loach in 2012 and is worth a look.
Apart from the famous 1949 Whisky Galore film, there is also a 1897 Dewars Scotch Whisky film, reputed to be the first filmed advertisement. In advance of their time, some have suggested that the dancers in Scottish kilts are rather the worse for wear whilst they dance in front of a Dewars Whisky sign. Which seems rather harsh!

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