Friday, 14 August 2015

Hoteliers……are you missing out good marketing that’s Free?

So far I’ve used some of these posts to talk directly to shop retailers and service suppliers.
And now I want to talk to hotel owners. However in the main, everything that I have already said with reference to retail and service providers also applies to the hotel business.
Google Hotel 3 pack
Summarising here:
  • Already Google has done a fairly good job at listing most hotels on their Hotel Finder shown above in the subtly outlined box that appears when searching for ‘hotels in Windermere UK’ (Take a look for your hotel at ).
  • If you have not verified your hotel business, then you must do so now, to avoid lowly rankings in Hotel Finder or sabotage.
  • Once verified you can control, images, Google tours and information that is shown up about your hotel both in Google searches and in Hotel Finder.
  • Once you are seen as being active by Google then it is possible for your hotel to rank more highly in Google Hotel Finder (above) than in traditional organic SEO searches for your web site.
  • The Google Plus business page is FREE, verification is FREE and the data is very easy to maintain and FREE to maintain.
  • Hosting of pictures, data and Google tours is FREE on Google Plus, and this data and imagery drives most of what appears in Google searches and Hotel Finder.
  • Google acts as a free gazetteer for your business.
Consider it as a business decision to use it or not. Remember that it does not impact your web site or web site SEO – in fact it’s way more important than that – find out why next.
So what exactly is Google Hotel Finder?

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