Saturday, 20 February 2016

Just what is the prettiest photoshoot you can do?

Just what is the prettiest shoot you can do? Well, I think it must be a florists. It was a first for us, The Hanging Basket in Lancaster has been one of our most picturesque shoots.
Try Googling ‘The Hanging Basket Lancaster’ on an iPad or tablet and first take a look at ‘Photos’ and as you scroll you will see lots of lovely flowers and displays as below.
The Hanging Basket Lancaster Photos
It was a smallish space in which to work, but the Google Tour looks great, try moving around in the image below

Or even better try it on Google Cardboard (Google Street View App) for the full immersive virtual reality experience
The Hanging Basket Lancaster on Google Cardboard
Bet you didn’t know you could do that now – did you! A-maz-ing!

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