Saturday, 18 July 2015

What else can you do with a Google Tour?

Going beyond your Google+ page and See Inside on your Knowledge Card, there are more things that you can do with your Google Tour.
For instance, you can integrate it onto your website. I’ve created websites including Google Tours for clients – example below.
Example of a Google Tour embedded in a Web Site
(Alternatively your web designer can incorporate the link for you in your web site – we can provide them with the code, or they can click the right buttons on Google to get the embed code for themselves. If your web designer says it can’t be done – then you need to employ a different web designer)!
You can also incorporate the tour onto your Facebook page. It’s straightforward to do, and again, your web support should be competent enough to do this, otherwise get in touch and we can sort it out. Most people can figure out how to do it for themselves without my help or web support. Whatever anyone says – IT CAN BE DONE! (We will talk about the mechanics of how to do this in a later post anyway).
Example of a Google Tour embedded in Facebook
Then, share the links on all your social media – especially Twitter, plus anywhere else you advertise – yell, 192, printed materials, adverts etc. And get people to follow you on your Google+ page.
Let’s think! You could even get yourself a QR code that would take a customer straight to your Google Tour on a mobile phone or tablet.
OK, I can tell that last one maybe, is just one step too far for any newbies reading here….
So what else goes on your Knowledge Card/Google+ page?

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