Saturday, 24 October 2015

Can you trust Google?

Street View | Trusted – what’s this all about?

I thought I would make a specific point about what ‘Trusted’ means in Google’s terms. It’s really important that when searching the web, that not only do you get relevant and appropriate results quickly, it is also important that you can TRUST what you see. (Street View Trusted is basically Street View but indoors, it’s inside a business and works in a similar way to Street View, aka ‘See Inside’).
So, for instance, if you see a lovely hotel room using Google See Inside, then that REALLY IS a room from that hotel and it reflects the typical standard of that room type.
Or, for instance, if on Google Search you see pictures of a spa, or a kennels, or a restaurant…. and then you decide to book on that basis, then what you see on line is what you are going to experience when you get there.
This is the integrity of the Google Trusted system and it’s not only important to Google but it’s important to your customers.
Qualified Google Trusted Photographers such as ourselves produce photographs and Google Tours for hotels, retailers and service providers.
AND as a service provider, retailer or hotelier, it should be important to you that you are accurately and honestly represented on-line.
Equally it’s also important to demonstrate that you are being represented honestly on-line to your customers.
Get your customers to understand the value of ‘Trusted’ when you get your Google tour.

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